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Bye bye Website

I've let go of my own domain due to lack of funds. I van no longer sustain it, and I wasn't actually able to maximize all the features in it. So I have decided to let it go. The sad thing about it is that I was not able to retrieve some of the posts… Continue reading Bye bye Website

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To 3 years and more…

Already writing as the God-Guided Gal for 3 years now, and it's amazing! I didn't expect nice reviews, or even lots of shares for my post, but from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping me, as I try to get His message across and to more people. It's not just thru… Continue reading To 3 years and more…

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Follow Your Instincts

Always follow your instincts. When something is wrong, or doesn't feel right, act on it right away. I believe that God has put in us instincts to help us, save us, and serve us daily. I've been posting on a schedule in my social media accounts, and somehow, posts for my FB page have shown… Continue reading Follow Your Instincts

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Whispers of Grace

For a long time now, I have email subscriptions from certain preachers, pastors, professors, and worship leaders, from different Christian congregations. I believe that if I was blessed with their reflections, I should also be able to share them with others. So I wanna start "Whispers of Grace," as these are messages that somehow God… Continue reading Whispers of Grace

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Best and All

As a mom, there are times when I feel like I'm doing so much in taking care of my child, but I would feel like I'm always ending up short of my own expectations of motherhood. I would sometimes get tired without actually doing a lot of things, but mostly because I'm tired of thinking… Continue reading Best and All

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Love Yourself

(Disclaimer: Original post can be viewed in The hardest person to love is MYSELF. I've yet again had a bout with insecurity. And the evil one's voice became a little louder than usual. I've heard the statements so many times that I could almost believe them to be true. They also negate the very… Continue reading Love Yourself

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Moms Get Things Done

(Disclaimer: Original post appeared in I stumbled upon a video shared in one of the Facebook groups I'm a member of. The title was something about why Moms or parents don't get things done. It was a post by another Facebook page, but the link above contained the YouTube video link. There was a… Continue reading Moms Get Things Done

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The God of Small Irritations

I was looking for a verse that described how I felt yesterday, and this was what I stumbled upon: "You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, take care that you are not carried away with the error of lawless people and lose your own stability" 2 Peter 3:17 | ESV Yesterday, I went to a mall… Continue reading The God of Small Irritations

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Your Miracle is Waiting for you

I caught a glimpse of this interview from 2017 of TD Jakes by Steven Furtick, which was actually part of a promotion for another interview that happened last month. TD Jakes said that the miracle is always on what was left, not on what you lost. That if you lost something, someone, whatever it is,… Continue reading Your Miracle is Waiting for you